Free Online Inheritance Calculator

Online Inheritance Calculator

Online Inheritance Calculator has created a free to use, online Inheritance Calculator / Probate Calculator. The online calculator is designed to help trustees, executors, administrators, beneficiaries and heirs determine the approximate dollar amount of the inheritance of an estate. The inheritance calculator is very simple to use. The calculator breaks down the most common estate assets listed in a will or in probate as well as the typical estate liabilities. To use the inheritance calculator, you simply add any applicable amounts to the asset and liability sections of the calculator. If the estate does not contain the specified asset or liability, just leave it blank. Once you have completed that section of the inheritance / probate calculator, the inheritance calculator will estimate the total value of the estate minus any estate liabilities.

Next the inheritance calculator allows you to specify how many beneficiaries / heirs there are included in the estate. After that has been entered, the estimation of the inheritance per beneficiary is calculated for you. The inheritance calculator also allows you to print the results so that you many share them with the other members of the estate or have them reviewed by the estate lawyer. The following is a screenshot of the inheritance calculator. You may click on the image or the link to try the inheritance calculator for yourself.

Inheritance Calculator

Inheritance Calculator

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